Happy little Sunday things.

This weekend’s activities and musings are foregrounded by my anticipation and excitement for the coming of spring. For the past few weeks, I have been imagining waking up the morning of 20 March (which is this Wednesday, guys) to red-breasted robins chirping, daffodil blossoms advancing, and the winter-white skins of the citygoers imbibing their first rays since their forced hibernations back in late fall. Like the quick flick of a switch — winter to spring. (That’s how it works, right?) Sadly, the clout of my delusions became hugely palpable when I checked the weather for the week and saw snow on the forecast for Monday night. That just won’t do for the robins and the daffodils and the suntans of my neighbors. I am, therefore, proceeding in a state of utter denial.

1. I bought a bike today! A Raleigh Classic Roadster! From the very nice folks at Cambridge Bicycle! And I’m very excited about it! Exclamation point! I haven’t ridden a bicycle since my days in Sweden, during which many of my biking adventures were, in fact, misadventures. (Basically, I fell down a lot.)  Needless to say, I am, admittedly, not a very skilled biker — but I am hopeful that I will quickly overcome my inadequacies with many long, sunny afternoons on the Charles River bike paths. (Ahh, springtime.)

[Leaf Parade. Happy little Sunday things.]

2. Last week when my family visited, they told me that my hair was getting long. I responded by informing them that I was never cutting it again, that I planned to let it grow and grow, interminably. But. Then I woke up the very next day and thought, “Hm, I think I’ll get my hair cut.” The thought macerated all week long, drawing support during long blow-drying sessions and eventually rallying for a big win during one particularly laborious hair-brushing undertaking. Yesterday afternoon, I decided to go for a run around the neighborhood and ended up in Central Square, staring down the entrance of one of those budget walk-in hair salons. And so I walked in (ran in?). Thirty minutes later, my hair was several inches shorter. I then proceeded on my run with a much shorter ponytail.

3. I went to the Cambridge Winter Farmers Market for this first time this weekend and brought home a really nice haul — most notably some really, really amazing goats’ milk cheese from Hickory Nut Farm in Lee, New Hampshire and some gloriously strange rainbow carrots from Red Fire Farms in Granby, Mass. I can’t wait to put my finds together for a show-and-tell(-and-feast).

[Leaf Parade. Happy little Sunday things.]

5. I’ve finally reemerged from my knitting hibernation. After having come very close to purchasing an Anthropologie bedspread last weekend, it dawned on me that I should save the money, put it towards yarn, and finish the project I started a few months back. So I took a little trip to the craft store and have since been hard at work. My sister bought me this really great handmade yarn bowl for my birthday, and this is my first time using it — it makes a world of difference when knitting two skeins at once!

[Leaf Parade. Happy little Sunday things.]

6. This morning, I finished Michael Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Some thoughts from the book’s closing chapters:

I had actually wanted to say something more, to express a wider gratitude for the meal we were about to eat, but I was afraid that to offer words of thanks for the pig and the mushrooms and the forests and the garden would come off sounding corny, and, worse, might ruin some appetites. The words I was reaching for, of course, were the words of grace. But as the conversation at the table unfurled like a sail amid the happy clatter of silver, tacking from stories of hunting to motherlodes of mushrooms to abalone adventures, I realized that in this particular case, words of grace were unnecessary. Why? Because that’s what the meal itself had become, for me certainly, but I suspect for some of the others, too: a wordless way of saying grace.

6. I’ve been really into miso this week in the same way in which I was really into tahini last week. I want it in and on everything, and if there’s nothing to have it in or on, I want to have it straight.  Seriously. I want to eat it with a spoon. (What’s wrong with me?) I won’t be slinging Guinness or Irish soda bread this Saint Patrick’s Day, but I did feast on this amazing pile of greens for lunch today: steamed kale with coconut butter topped with miso-fried sunny-side eggs and slivered almonds. Easily one of the most delicious meals I’ve had lately. Sláinte!

[Leaf Parade. Happy little Sunday things.]


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