Happy little Sunday things.

Image1. Despite our latest delivery of snow this week, it feels like spring is finally on its way to Boston. The weekend has been sunny and bright and full of smiling pedestrians carrying big bouquets of cut-fresh flowers. Days like this are positively made for slow jogs on The Esplanade in the most fluorescent of fluorescent-pink running shoes. Life sure doesn’t suck.

2. This weekend, my sister and mother were in town from Connecticut for a visit. Per our usual ritual, we made two separate trips to the Trader Joe’s on Memorial Drive (the first one dedicated entirely to the purchasing of wine). In the full spirit of spring fever, I picked up some big, happy bundles of lavender and gardenia, as well as a potted mum — green for St. Patrick’s day!


We spent the afternoon walking around Harvard Square, window shopping and people watching. The tulip spread at Brattle Square Florist made me smile.


We also got some drinks at Russell House Tavern and then gorged on Tex-Mex at Border Cafe. Sometimes it feels pretty good to just accede and allow yourself to eat all of the still-hot tortilla chips that are available to you. (Even more so when they refill your basket and you get to repeat the ritual.) As humans, we often need this kind of this-is-a-really-bad-idea extravagance.


3. This week, I rekindled my love for pumpkin. I never stopped loving pumpkin, but it falls out of favor with the masses once wintertime rolls around. Why? I bought myself a can of it at Whole Foods, and all week I’ve been making special little trips to the kitchen just so that I can dip my spoon into it. This breakfast is my new jam. (Tell you more about it later.)


4. And, finally, the most beautiful thing I saw this weekend. Not the Boston cityscape. Not a colonnade of tulips. But a carrot. In fact, lots of carrots. (More about carrots later too.)


Happy Sunday!


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